Francesca Forzani

Deputy Director

Francesca  Forzani, School of Education

Francesca Forzani is the associate director of TeachingWorks. She has spent the past seven years collaborating with colleagues to redesign the teacher education programs at the University of Michigan and studying reform initiatives in teacher education. Her research focuses on identifying instructional practices that are essential to competent beginning instruction and on the implementation of reform in teacher education. She is particularly interested in the development of a common language for studying and teaching instructional practice and on identifying resources that support practice-focused teacher training. Before coming to Michigan, she taught high school English for four years in Greenville, Mississippi, where she was a Teach for America corps member. She also served as a teacher educator for three years in Teach for America’s summer training institute and for a year in Teach First’s summer institute in London, U.K. Forzani holds a BA in English from Smith College and a master’s degree in public policy and a PhD in education policy from the University of Michigan.



Research Affiliations


10/10/2018 - ongoing Developing a "Low-Touch" Strategy for Supporting Teacher Educators in Implementing Practice-Based Teacher Education
Granting Agency: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

1/1/2019 - ongoing TeachingWorks Mathematics Methods Course Fellowship - Year Three
Granting Agency: S. D. Bechtel Jr. Foundation

12/1/2018 - ongoing TeachingWorks-CSU Methods Course Fellowship - Expansion
Granting Agency: Silver Giving Foundation


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