Lulu Flores

Master of Arts in Educational Studies with Secondary Teacher Certification

Field of Study: Master of Arts with Teacher Certification (MAC) - Secondary Education, Biology

Year in Program: 1st year (in 3rd month of the program)

Geographic Region: Indio, California

Undergraduate: Coach elks Valley High School, California Baptist University (undergrad), and Wale Forest University (postbac research program)

Prior to UM: Worked as an assistant teacher at Family First Learning Center in Canton,MI. Tutored various subjects including; biology, English, Spanish, and math. Worked in an after school program that focused on increasing physical activity and healthier eating choices. I also coached the track team for Las Palmitas Elementary School.

The best part of SOE so far: The welcoming and helping community at SOE is the best! From the moment I made first contact to now, everyone has been super helpful! The community we have here with my cohort is amazing! There is always someone willing to lend a helping hand! The staff at the office are always willing to do everything they cat to help you in any way and the professors are great! 

After graduation: Teach! Haha. I hope to get a job at a high needs school and start teaching biology! I'm really excited to continue my journey! I hope to stay in Michigan as well. :)

Teach me something! Picnic at the Arb! That's something I do on a monthly basis. There are also a lot of trails to run there and at Gallup Park! Badminton tournament! I'm a very outdoorsy person as you can see so most of the things I do are nature oriented. :)