Ethan Feuer

Master of Arts in Higher Education, '12

Ethan  Feuer, School of Education

Field of Study: MA in Higher Education

Year in Program: graduated 2012

Prior degree(s): Brandeis University, Waltham, MA

Before coming to UM: Prior to UM, I attended Brandeis Univeristy. Upon graduation from Brandeis in 2007, I accepted a position in Brandeis's Office of Undergraduate Admissions. I was hired as an admissions counselor, and then promoted to Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions. I was able to wear many hats and work on a variety of projects. I managed websites, created blogs and social networks, and ran the student worker program. I even travelled domestically and abroad to recruit students.

Why your program? What set the University of Michigan apart from the rest of the programs I applied to was the quality of the internship. Most incoming higher education master’s students visit  the school in the spring and interview with a variety of potential employers for the required internship. I met with the University of Michigan’s Center for Campus Involvement and they offered me a leadership role in producing the bi-monthly UMix event!

The best part of SOE: My internship gave me the opportunity to be an independent worker, to take ownership of programs, to manage budgets, and supervise students and other supervisory roles. At Umich, I was given trust, responsibility, and experiences that made me a strong candidate for current job at MIT.

After graduation: I was hired by MIT- the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - to work as a coordinator of student activities for the MIT Energy Initiative, which is “designed to help transform the global energy system to meet the needs of the future and to help build a bridge to that future by improving today's energy systems.” I’m working on creating a community among researchers, each of whose work is often an individual process. I think it’s incredibly exciting because MIT’s at the forefront of the efforts to find alternative and sustainable energy. I’ll be helping students, but more than that, I’ll be helping students who are brilliant and who will make an impact on energy and our future.

Teach me something! Graduate school is not like undergraduate at all. You need to take a lot more ownership of your experience. You’re not just a student, but also a part-time professional with your internship; you’re balancing many worlds at once and all the time looking onwards to your next step. Be mindful of your choices. Be smart in your decisions and in allocating your time. And make professional contacts!

Feuer’s program of study:
Higher Education