Jaclyn Facca

Bachelor of Arts with Elementary Teacher Certification, '12

Jaclyn  Facca, School of Education

Field of Study: BA, Elementary Teacher Certification

Year in Program: c/o 2012

Prior to UM: Ever since my baby brother was born I knew I wanted to be a teacher. I used to have a baby school in his room and teach the alphabet to him. I would have a pointer and everything.

Why your program?  After enrolling at U-M, I sampled courses in several departments around campus during my freshmen and sophomore years. But after taking Education 118 with School of Education Dean Deborah Loewenberg Ball, I knew that education was the path after all. Honestly, I think it was one of the first classes at U-M that I was so interested in and was so passionate about. I would go home and do the readings and would love them. It wasn’t like ‘work,’ it was so enjoyable. I have so much respect for Dean Ball, I think she’s amazing and so passionate. I think it rubbed off.

The best part of SOE so far: I have been so happy with my program. I love how hands on it is. The things we talk about in the classroom are directly applied to what we do in the field. I’d be happy everywhere. I love how much you can do with 5th graders and how mature and independent they are. While working at my field site, my interactions with the students are recorded on video and reviewed at a later time—a component of the program that I find immensely helpful in a teacher’s development. The videos are so valuable because you can go back and watch and see what you could have changed. It gives you a unique opportunity to review what was effective and how you are portraying yourself as a teacher.


Facca’s program of study:
Elementary Teacher Education