David Erbach

Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Teacher Education, Teacher Education Preferred Admit (TEPA), Alumnus

David  Erbach, School of Education

Field of Study:  Secondary Teacher Education, Social Studies

Year in Program: Alum

Geographic Region: Kalamazoo, MI

Why your program? I had known that I wanted to be a teacher for quite some time before I graduated high school. The only question that remained, then, was just where I wanted to study my trade. I chose the University of Michigan and could not be happier. First, nothing beats the maize and blue student experience. Second, the prestige of the University of Michigan makes any resume look stellar. Once I committed to the University of Michigan, the School of Education immediately opened their arms to me. They offered me the status of a preferred admit student and made personal academic advising available to me before I even arrived on campus. I was surrounded by fellow students, professors, and education professionals that all share many of my goals and values, while also having a vested interest in my success.

The best part of SOE so far: The best experience I had with the School of Education was joining a group of students who all have the same professional goals as myself. More and more I found myself to have so much in common with my fellow future educators. I cannot believe I had the opportunity to study with such an amazing group of people!

Teach me something! If I could give you any advice, it would be to USE YOUR ADVISORS!!! I cannot stress this point enough. As a preferred admit student, I was encouraged to visit my School of Education advisors once a semester. Working individually with the wonderful people at the School of Education’s advising office helped me to navigate the gauntlet of requirements and complications between the School of Education, The College of LS&A, and the opportunity to study abroad. Without the help of my advisors I never would have been able to find the time to study abroad, explore elective classes, and manage to graduate in four years!


Erbach’s program of study:
Secondary Teacher Education