Julie Emra

Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Teacher Education

Field of Study: BA Elementary Education - Language Arts 

Year in Program: 2nd year 

Age: 21

Geographic Region: Ramsey, NJ 

Prior to UM: Prior to coming to the University of Michigan, I attended high school in New Jersey. The University of Michigan's diverse campus--in terms of people, interests, activities, and events--was the most attractive aspect of the college. I wanted to be able to meet someone new everyday and be on a campus that was full of life--where people were always doing interesting, unique, and fun things! I couldn't have found a better fit than U of M. 

Why your program? I chose Elementary Education, specifically Language Arts, because I have always enjoyed working with kids and have a deep interest in the English language. Because I wanted to help nurture students, contribute to their growth, and help students find their passions, education seemed like the perfect place for me. The program will certify me in grades K-8, which allows me to have the opportunity to explore many different age groups since I was unsure what I was looking for when I entered the program. 

The best part of SOE so far: The people. The SOE is full of interesting, kind, understanding, smiling people! I love that I am now part of such a small community at a large University, where I have been able to get really close with people who are passionate about the same things as I am. It's amazing how close my cohort got over the course of just one semester and how so many of my colleagues are now some of my closest friends. However, it's not only my classmates that make the SOE wonderful, it's the professors as well. They are so full of knowledge and experience that I really feel like I'm being taught by the best, most inspiring, most passionate people. 

After graduation: I hope to teach internationally or in an underprivileged school district. I am open to travel anywhere, just as long as I feel as though I am making a difference and helping students who need a mentor the most. I also hope to get my masters, but first I think I should get a little more experience under my belt! 

Teach me something! We have these tall concrete cylindrical structures on campus that people and organizations cover in posters each night. Even though it looks a little messy, my advice would be to read those posters and attend anything and everything that looks even remotely interesting! The University is huge and composed of so many people doing so many interesting things. Take advantage of it while you can because you never know when you'll be in a place with so much life and passion again! And chances are, you'll see someone you know in the performance or at the event and learn something new about a friend! 

Emra’s program of study:
Elementary Teacher Education