Samuel Edwards

Master of Arts in Higher Education, Philanthropy, Advancement and Development, '13

Field of Study: MA in Higher Education, Philanthropy, Advancement and Development

Year in Program: graduated 2013

Where do you HAIL from? West Hartford, CT

Prior degree(s): Boston University

Before coming to UM: Prior to starting graduate school at the University of Michigan, I spent four years working in international education. I began my career in higher education in the state of North Carolina and most recently in Louisiana. During this time I was responsible for the visa and immigration paperwork for international students, scholars, and professors.

Why your program? I chose the School of Education and CSHPE because of the reputation and structure of the program. When I was considering graduate schools, I knew I wanted a program that would allow me to take classes outside of my field in order to enhance my knowledge and skills for my future career. The broad nature of the Master’s program with CSHPE has enabled me to do just that! I’ve enrolled in classes covering such topics as: budgets and fiscal management in non-profits, affirmative action in admissions, and grant writing.

The best part of SOE so far: A highlight of my experience at the University of Michigan thus far has been the connections I have made with my coworkers, fellow students, professors, and practicing professionals in higher education. The network at U-M is extensive. People want to help you, all you have to do is ask!

After graduation: I am now the Assistant Director of Outreach and Engagement at the American University's College of Law in Washington D.C.


Edwards’s program of study:
Higher Education