Deborah Keller-Cohen

Professor, School of Education; Professor, Department of Linguistics and the Program in Women's Studies, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

Deborah  Keller-Cohen, School of Education

Deborah Keller-Cohen's scholarly interests are in language and aging, narrative, discourse analysis, and literacy in modern and colonial America.

She has conducted research on a wide range of areas using ethnographic, experimental, archival, and textual methodologies. As a discourse analyst, her work has explored how people tell their life stories with particular emphasis on individual and gender-related differences. Her work on literacy has examined both contemporary and historical American contexts. Her current line of work is concerned with language and aging. One strand examines the relationships among social relations, cognition, and language in older adults. In a second line of work with Chris Odato, they have examined factors affecting the evaluation of older and younger individuals’ speech. She is also undertaking a project to explore discourses of aging in American culture.


Selected Publications


Odato, C. & Keller-Cohen, D. (2009) "Evaluating the speech of younger and older adults: Age, gender and speech situation." Journal of Language and Social Psychology

Keller-Cohen, D., Fiori, K., Toler, A., & Bybee, D.(2006) "Social relations, language and cognition in the ‘oldest old.'" Aging & Society, 26(4),585-605. 

Keller-Cohen, D., & Gordon, C. (2003) "On Trial: Metaphor in telling the life story." Narrative Inquiry, 13(1) 1-40. 

Keller-Cohen, D. & Dyer, J. (1997) "Intertextuality and the Narrative of Personal Experience." Journal of Narrative and Life History, 7(1-4),147-153.


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2/1/2002 - 1/1/2004 Mentallity - Addressing Mental Illness Stigma and Promiting Mental Health Awareness - a Arts of Citizenship grant
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