Chloe Davenport

Master of Arts in Higher Education, '15

Chloe  Davenport, School of Education

Field of Study: M.A. Higher Education - Academic Affairs and Student Development

Year in Program/Year of Graduation:  graduated 2015

Where do you HAIL from? Detroit, MI

Prior degree(s): University of Michigan-English

Before coming to U-M:  I took a gap year while applying to graduate schools.

Why this program?  I believe college is the opportune place to gain independence and increase one's capital. As a Detroiter, mixed-race woman of color and from a working class background, college and graduate school in particular has been the place where I could achieve some of the opportunities which I would not have had access to otherwise. While most think of the undergraduate years as something students prepare a long time for admission into, I felt the desire more acutely to get into graduate school. This was because graduate school would put me on the first step to obtaining the goals and life I wanted, and since I was looking into higher education, I was even more acutely aware of how I fit into this process. I hope to be able to assist other students-graduate and undergraduate-to achieve their goals. 

The best part of SOE:  I really enjoyed my time in the program and the relationships I developed especially with my faculty adviser and instructors, and the support I had with my internship with the Living Arts Program and the Rackham Graduate Student Success Advisory Board. My most meaningful time was in the second year of the program, and I learned a lot about myself and what is important for me. First, I decided to graduate in two years to optimize my personal and professional development. Second, I realized that while it was important for me to do well in my classes, I had gained enough assurance after a year to realize that ultimately, I want to finish my classes and keep moving forward. Reassessing what is important takes experience, and you have to do what is best for you.

After graduation:  I work within the Department of Psychology Student Academic Affairs Office.

Teach me something!  I love shopping, walking around Ann Arbor, autumn, music, reading magazines and books, and cats.

Davenport’s program of study:
Academic Affairs and Student Development