Cong Liang

MA in Educational Studies: Teaching and Learning

Student status: Current student, full time

Geographic region of origin: Qingdao, a coastal city in northern China

Education prior to Ed Studies MA: Shandong Normal University, China, with a Bachelor degree in Chemistry; East China Normal University, China, with a Master degree in Analytical Chemistry.

Prior to Joining the Program

Before I came to University of Michigan, I was a high school chemistry teacher in China and taught 10th grade chemistry for two years.

Why the Teaching and Learning Program?

I chose this program because I was interested in educational research and psychological theories that facilitate classroom teaching practices. The program has a comprehensive course plan that covers educational theory, research, and practice; this fit my interests nicely and will help build a solid foundation for my future teaching career.

I was also concerned about adjusting to the new academic environment as an international student, and as someone had not majored in education as an undergraduate. Since I have a science background, I was glad to find that many faculty members and alumni of the Teaching and Learning program have focused on the sciences. This resonated with my experience and made me feel more confident and comfortable in pursuing this program. 

Individualized Course of Study

In my first semester, I have taken:

Highlights of the Michigan Experience

I am very appreciative to have the experience of studying in University of Michigan, and am especially impressed by how the university has supported the international students in both academic study and everyday life.

The English Language Institute offers free clinics that provide assistance for international students in academic writing and speaking, as well as a conversation circle lead by native students help international students learn more about the life and culture in the U.S.

The International Center also organizes a variety of activities and workshops that help international students address various concerns, from immigration to job preparation.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

In each of my classes, there are educators from different races with different religions and cultural background discussing the educational issues of the entire human society. Professors and students respect all different opinions and voices.

As an international student, I benefit from the inclusive and diverse learning environment by speaking up from my own perspective in class, and my culture and experience have been valued by my classmates and teachers.

Cong invites prospective students to contact her with questions about the program or student life.

Liang’s program of study: