Sarah Clader

Master of Arts in Higher Education

Field of Study: Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education, Masters

Year in Program: Graduated Fall 2015

Geographic Region: Milton, VT

Undergraduate: Rutgers University

Prior to UM: Worked in the non-profit field for 5 years with a network of public interest advocacy organizations, engaging college students as volunteers and leaders in projects around issues like voter registration, campus sustainability, and poverty relief.

The best part of SOE so far: I love being among a community of people who want to change the world, and who believe that we can. My cohort-mates, the SOE faculty, and the SOE staff are reflective and thoughtful people with an understanding of injustices in the world, but they are optimistic about their role in working for change, and they are nurturing and empowering of their fellow SOE community members.

After graduation: To work as a student affairs professional, continuing to support college students in making a difference on their campuses and in their communities, while empowering them to learn and grow as a result of their involvement.

Teach me something! I moved to Ann Arbor from a rural area of Vermont, so I love that I can be in an exciting college town with a "little city" atmosphere but still be able to get out into nature when I want to. One of my favorite things to do this summer was to go to Argo Cascades, a part of the Huron River where you can rent canoes or kayaks, or float down the river on a tube. And the Arboretum is just as beautiful as you've probably been told - I suggest going to see a "Shakespeare in the Arb" performance, where the audience and actors move throughout the Arb from scene to scene.

Clader’s program of study:
Higher Education