Michael Chrzan

Bachelor of Arts with Secondary Teacher Certification, Teacher Education Preferred Admit (TEPA)

Michael  Chrzan, School of Education

Field of Study: Secondary Education - Mathematics and Psychology

Year in Program: 4th year

Age: 21

Geographic Region: Detroit, MI

Why your program? For me, U of M was an easy choice. The sense of community, despite there being 3,000+ acres and 42,000+ students, coupled with the tradition, history, a great reputation, and academic rigor, made Michigan the perfect place for me. I chose the School of Education for much of the same reasons, and due to a passion for teaching and education, I joined the Preferred Admissions program. 

The best part of SOE so far: I think my best experience with TEPA thus far has been in the form of two events: the annual Chat 'n Chews with Dean Ball and the Administrator Panels. In the administrator panels, you have access to a great resource in current K-12 professional administrators who get into the nitty-gritty of what they look for in hiring new teachers. Through the Chat 'n Chew's, I loved being able to pick the brain of a major player in the education world - Dean Deborah Ball - about issues and triumphs both at the University of Michigan and across the nation when it comes to education and teacher preparation and evaluation. My favorite memory of the last two years has been the TEPA End of the Year Celebration this year (2013). The times we had at that event were amazing and an awesome experience overall. It was a great way to relax before exams and also a nice way to close out a year of great TEPA events and learning.

Teach me something! One piece of advice I would share with a prospective TEPA student is to give the program a try and learn about education and the School of Education at Michigan - even if you are unsure whether or not becoming a teacher is what you ultimately want to do. If you have a passion for education, then join the program. You will meet some amazing students, get a good idea of what being a School of Education student means, and can learn about other ways to be involved with the education community at the University of Michigan. A piece of advice for a returning TEPA sophomore is to get out to as many events as possible, and get started on your School of Education application as soon as possible! You know ahead of time what your essays will be on as a TEPA, so start them early and get feedback from other TEPAs, supervisors, and your academic advisor. Again, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to get out to the TEPA events and enjoy getting to know your future classmates and cohortmates.

Chrzan’s program of study:
Secondary Teacher Education