Christine Quince

PhD Student in Educational Studies: Teaching and Learning

Christine  Quince, School of Education

Student status: Current student, full time

Geographic region of origin: Detroit, Michigan

Education prior to Ed Studies MA: I attended the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor for my undergraduate degree. I received a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, where I majored in Language Arts and minored in Mathematics.

Prior to joining the program: 

Prior to joining the University of Michigan for my Master’s degree, I taught 4th grade for two years, as well as became the Co-Chair of the School Improvement Team, a co-teacher of my school’s gifted and talented after-school program, and became a member of my school’s Reaccreditation Team.

Why the Teaching & Learning program? 

I chose the University of Michigan’s Teaching & Learning program because I was interested in the learning process that occurs within teacher education programs. More specifically, I wanted to explore the ways teacher education programs help pre-service teachers address the cultural differences and needs of Students of Color.

I reflected on my own experience and began to question what ways teacher education programs are equity-driven and the effects it may have on the retention rate of beginning teachers once they are in the field.

My hope is to learn more about these issues and conduct research on how we can better prepare pre-service teachers in urban education.  

Individualized course of study: 

While selecting courses for each term, I kept in mind the goal I had in applying to the Teaching and Learning program, as well as courses that may help broaden my perspective.

Some of the courses I have taken include the following:

Highlights of the Michigan experience:

One of the experiences I will always cherish from attending the University of Michigan is how helpful and devoted the professors are to my learning process. There is a large emphasis on the application of the material, rather than regurgitation. This is extremely helpful because it heightens the chance of me applying the material to my own work.

I also appreciate the professional relationships I have built at the University of Michigan. I contacted my undergraduate professor, Debi Khasnabis, and told her about my research interests for the future. She was more than willing to speak with me over a cup of coffee and we were able to catch up on how my semester was going thus far. 

Diversity, equity and inclusion:

Diversity, equity, and inclusion have always been a top priority in my work. I appreciate the School of Education being open to helping me explore ways to reflect this throughout my learning process and the research I will conduct in the future (i.e., helping Students of Color achieve, looking at the learning process pre-service teachers receive, and equity-driven instruction). 

Christine invites prospective students to contact her with any questions about the Teaching and Learning program, her experience, or the work she plans to pursue.

Quince’s program of study: