Charles Chalfant

Master of Arts in Educational Studies with Elementary Teacher Certification (ELMAC), '13

Charles  Chalfant, School of Education

Field of Study: ELMAC- Elementary Master of Arts with Teacher Certification

Year in Program: ELMAC 15 c/o 2013

Geographic Region: Norfolk, VA, then Ann Arbor, MI and now Washington, D.C. 

Undergraduate: Old Dominion University

Prior to UM: Prior to the University of Michigan, I was a Deputy Sheriff for almost three years in Norfolk, VA. I received a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology at Old Dominion University in 2008.

The best part of SOE so far: The ELMAC program provided me with the pedagogical training needed to become a highly effective teacher. With virtually no teaching experience, the ELMAC program allowed me to gain experience in the field of teaching, while taking coursework simultaneously! The amount of work required increases throughout the program, as it should, but you actually don't realize this until the program is over! Your first summer in ELMAC begins with teaching at the Summer Learning Institute and here, you get your first interactions with children and begin learning what it means to be a teacher. It gradually builds up as you move into the fall and get your fall placement at an elementary school in the area. Here, you are in the classroom three times a week (two half days and one full day) and you can begin collaborating with your Mentor Teacher and Field Instructor. You spend the fall in the classroom and taking coursework at the School of Education. There is one month in the winter that you spend exclusively at the School of Education, before moving into your student teaching. The year in ELMAC will fly by and it's important that you learn as much as you're able to because once you start teaching in your own classroom after ELMAC, you'll surely wish you had remembered everything!

After graduation: I initially became interested in the area because of other ELMAC graduates working in the area and I was generally interested teaching in Washington, D.C. because it was in a big city and closer to home (Norfolk, VA). I began teaching in 5th Grade and in my second year of teaching (2014-2015) I am teaching Kindergarten! I actually teach with two other ELMACers, too! I hope to move into leadership roles during my career and there are lots of these opportunities within DC Public Schools! I am definitely interested in exploring other degrees, especially those involving education leadership.

Teach me something! Ann Arbor is a lot of fun and when you have time, which is sometimes scarce, you can attend conferences and meetings at the School of Education. I was a member of Kappa Delta Pi, as well as a Student Ambassador. These organizations allowed me to collaborate with others and in turn, I was able to network and learn more about the School of Education. I was also a member of the University of Michigan Billiards Team! We competed with other colleges across the nation, including Virginia Tech, Purdue, and Indiana!

Chalfant’s program of study:
Elementary Teacher Education (ELMAC)