Anne Cawley

Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies, Mathematics Education

Anne  Cawley, School of Education

Field of Study: PhD Educational Studies - Mathematics Education

Geographic Region: Los Angeles, CA

Education: California State University, Long Beach -- Bachelors in Mathematics and Masters in Mathematics

Prior to UM:  I taught mathematics at the university and college levels in California. I taught mostly first year college mathematics courses and it was here where I picked up a passion to do research for students taking developmental mathematics courses. I also worked on research for teacher professional development on the Common Core for high school algebra teachers.

Why your program:  I chose mathematics education because I am interested in understanding and bettering the experiences and success of students who need to take developmental mathematics in higher education. I have since then, taken interest in using what I have learned to provide professional development for community college faculty surrounding equitable mathematics practices in order to embrace and promote student successes in mathematics.

The best part of SOE so far: It is very rewarding to meet students, staff, and faculty from all over and engage in dialogue of important issues in education. These connections and working relationships have broadened my ideas of what is involved in education and multiple ways to consider finding ways to improve it.

After graduation:  I plan to work in academics as a professor. I aim to work in either a mathematics department or a school of education. I want to continue research in student learning, equity, and success in developmental mathematics education. I plan to take what I have learned to understand ways to support students through and beyond developmental mathematics into first- and second-year mathematics courses, promoting more student success in STEM education.

Teach me something! For me, coming from a location where weather was always constant, sunny and warm, this place has been an exciting change of scenery! I would suggest that you check the weather every day so that you're not caught in a summer thunder storm, hot day, snowy blustery afternoon, etc! 

Cawley’s program of study:
Mathematics Education




Room 3104