Elizabeth Canvasser

Bachelor of Arts with Elementary Teacher Certification, Alumna

Elizabeth  Canvasser, School of Education

Field of Study: Bachelor of Arts with Elementary Teacher Certification

Year in Program: Alumna

Geographic Region: West Bloomfield, MI

Why your program? I chose the University of Michigan and applied as a Preferred Admissions student to the School of Education because of the close-knit community that is provided within the SOE. Although I did not start my coursework in the School of Ed until my junior year, the Preferred Admissions program prepared me to become a teaching intern by connecting me with an academic advisor, who helped me decide on appropriate courses that would allow me to graduate within four years. I have met so many people and had so many opportunities that I know will make a positive impact on my teaching, from Mentor Teachers, to field instructors and professors. The SOE has a ton of resources available to students in order to help them succeed! I also love the small class sizes, which creates a beneficial learning environment and as we adhere to a cohort structure, allows us to become very close with our peers. 

The best part of SOE so far: My best experience in the Teacher Education program thus far has been the opportunity to work in the field. Through the cycle that the Teacher Education program practices, we learn and observe important skills in our coursework that we are then able to carry out and apply directly in our field placements. I know that as I obtain my first job as a teacher, I will be fully prepared due to all of the “hands-on” experiences the SOE has given me.

Teach me something! One piece of advice I would share with prospective TE students is that time management and organization is key. The TE program is a rigorous, professional program that requires students to fulfill certain requirements in order to graduate. By staying organized and managing your time well, you will be better prepared in your courses, in requirements that need to be completed, and in your future work as a teacher.


Canvasser’s program of study:
Elementary Teacher Education