Kimberly Brisse

Bachelor of Arts with Secondary Teacher Certification

Kimberly  Brisse, School of Education

Field of Study: BA Education, Social Studies Major, Psychology Minor

Year in Program: 2nd

Geographic Region: Rochester, MI

Why your program? I chose U of M because of its quality programs and internationally respected reputation. I entered college as an undecided freshman, so it was appealing that I could go into any field and still be confident that no matter what career aspirations, I would be able to garner respect with my Michigan degree.

The best part of SOE so far: My best experience in this program has definitely been student teaching. It is so much fun! I have loved all of my time working in classrooms, but I am also really enjoying getting to know the students at my student teaching placement - it has been an amazing experience. In addition, I loved working with the same small group of peers throughout my entire School of Ed career. We've all become very close and because of the small size of our classes, my classmates have all become good friends of mine and great resources for advice about my teaching practices.

Teach me something! Do it! I am very indecisive, especially about big decisions, but applying to the School of Education is one of the best things that I've ever done. It is so rewarding to have the opportunity to work with students all of the time, and the small size of the program makes it a very personal and beneficial learning environment. Take it from somebody who changed her mind nearly every other day about career choices - I have not regretted my decision to apply to the School of Education even once.

Brisse’s program of study:
Secondary Teacher Education