Cameron Breither

Master of Arts in Higher Education, '12

Cameron  Breither, School of Education

Field of Study:  MA in Higher Education

Year in Program/Year of Graduation:  graduated 2012

Where do you HAIL from?  Currently New England (but from all over!)

Prio degree(s):  University of North Carolina at Wilmington-Political Science (constitutional law and public policy concentrations)

Before coming to U-M:  Prior to becoming a Wolverine, I attended UNC Wilmington in Wilmington, North Carolina. As an undergraduate, I was involved in student organizations and worked as a student employee in the institution's service learning office. Through my experiences as a student leader, specifically one who was involved in student organizations serving historically marginalized communities, I developed a passion for student affairs and working to better higher education student support services.

Why this program? I chose CSHPE because of the program's amazing reputation and the stellar CSHPE faculty and staff. When I first visited campus as a prospective student, the faculty and staff went above and beyond my expectations to make me feel like a welcome member of the CSHPE community. Their warmth, in addition to the program itself, made me realize I wanted to be a Wolverine.

The best part of SOE: Some of my favorite experiences as a SoE student were the ability to take classes in many different areas, obtain an internship that I felt was a great next step in my career, and that the program continually pushed me to learn and explore new areas of higher education. The faculty and staff were eager to challenge students in their meaning making and to push us to lean into our discomfort when learning about how our identities impact our students. Additionally, I always felt supported and nurtured by my CSHPE community - faculty, staff, and especially my cohort - especially during times of critical reflection and learning.

After graduation: Assistant Director, Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion instead of the Office of Diversity Services at Suffolk University.

Breither’s program of study:
Higher Education