Nicolas Boileau

Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies, Mathematics Education

Nicolas  Boileau, School of Education

Field of Study: Educational Studies, PhD - Mathematics Education

Geographic Region: Montréal, Québec, Canada

Education: Concordia University, Montréal (BA Pure and Applied Mathematics; Masters in the Teaching of Mathematics)

Prior to UM: Prior to coming to U-M, I worked as a secondary school mathematics teacher in Montréal.

Why your program? Throughout my time teaching, I gained the impression that teachers felt pressured, by policies and curriculum documents, to reform their practice in ways that I believed were not well-informed by the realities of the mathematics classroom. This stimulated an interest in advocating for teachers by providing rich descriptions of the ways that mathematics was actually being taught and learned in schools. My first serious attempt at doing so was my master’s thesis, in which I provided detailed accounts of the ways that two secondary school mathematics teachers used technology in their teaching. My next step was applying to the mathematics education specialization of the educational studies program, at the University of Michigan, after learning of Professor Patricio Herbst’s research on the role that norms play in regulating high school geometry teachers’ instruction.

The best part of SOE so far: The best part of my experience has been honing my research skills and interests through coursework, my involvement with Dr. Herbst’s Geometry, Reasoning and Instructional Practice (GRIP) laboratory, and working closely with him while developing my own line of research.

After graduation: I would like to join the faculty at a research-oriented university and continue advocating for teachers, through my research and service.

Teach me something! Two things that I love most about studying in Ann Arbor are the number of cozy coffee shops, where I enjoy spending my mornings reading and writing, and its proximity to Detroit, especially because of its music scene.

Boileau’s program of study:
Mathematics Education