Bayane Alem

MA in Educational Studies: Educational Leadership and Policy (LEADPOL)

Bayane  Alem, School of Education

Student Status: Current student, full time

Geographic Region of Origin: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Previous Education: 

Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education-History at the University of Michigan School of Education

Prior to Joining the Program

Prior to starting my masters, I was teaching full-time at the middle and high school level. Now I am teaching part-time while enrolled in the program.

Why the Educational Leadership and Policy (ELP) Program? 

A driving force behind choosing this program was a desire to learn more about how certain students function within our existing school system. Working with predominantly Muslim American students for the past two and a half years has greatly informed my teaching and my interests.

After completing my master's, I would like to take what I learned in this program about analyzing student outcomes, external environments, school organization and apply it to the study of Arab American students’ experiences in today’s education system. I hope to create programs that revolutionize the way subjects like American History and American Literature are taught, encouraging a perspective that is more inclusive and better reflects the society in which children are growing up. Creating a model that teachers could use in Social Studies and English classrooms to incorporate the culture and history of marginalized communities will help students better appreciate the differences in cultures and customs, leading to improved student outcomes and civic engagement. 


I am currently interning with Dr. Simona Goldin and Dr. Debi Khasnabis on their new course, Homelessness in Schools and Society: Engaged Practice in School Serving Organizations. Through this internship I am able to engage with undergraduate and graduate students as well as with the Ann Arbor community at large. The experience is allowing me to pursue my interests learning about how students with life experiences that may not be seen as "normal" function in our school system, and the supports that exist for them. 

Individualized Course of Study

Courses I have chosen include:

When choosing courses, I looked for electives that interested me and were connections to my own inquiries in education. I also looked for courses that offered topics to which I had not yet been exposed, but that would challenge me and help me broaden my perspectives.

Highlights of the Michigan Experience

The biggest highlights of the Michigan experience have been my professors and classmates. Every professor has had a breadth of experiences in the field of education and they have been amazing resources for us all. In addition to the professors, my cohort has been a great source of support, energy, and friendship. We have been able to help each other but also challenge each other to grow as learners and people.

Alem’s program of study:
Educational Leadership and Policy