Stephanie Balaskas

Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Teacher Education, '13

Stephanie  Balaskas, School of Education

Field of Study: Secondary Teacher Education, BA in Mathematics, Psychology (Minor)

Year in Program: c/o 2013

Geographic Region: Grand Rapids, MI

Why your program? I chose the University of Michigan's School of Education undergraduate program because I was particularly interested in the experiential education offered here (e.g., the semesters of field work/observation) accompanying student teaching.

The best part of SOE so far: My best exeprience with the Teacher Education (TE) program thus far has been my cohort and the intereactions with my professors and colleagues as they have all been positive and supportive experiences.

Teach me something! One piece of advice for students interested in the TE program: It has been my experience that everyone affiliated with the School of Education is supportive, friendly, and wishes for students to succeed. As such, they genuinely make it their job to be available, accessible, and knowledgeable. I wouldn't find as much fulfillment being in this program as I do, if it wasn't for the people I see and interact with daily here at the School of Ed.

Balaskas’s program of study:
Secondary Teacher Education