Carl Baird

Bachelor of Arts with Elementary Teacher Certification

Carl  Baird, School of Education

Field of Study: Elementary Education - Integrated Science

Year in Program: 2nd year

Geographic Region: Grand Rapids, MI

Why your program?  I was impressed by the academic rigor that U of M is known for. I applied to the School of Education at the end of my sophomore year after deciding that I wanted to enter the teaching profession. I had heard about U of M's high-ranking teacher education program, and was eager to be a part of it.

The best part of SOE so far: The most valuable experiences I have had as a student in the School of Education thus far have been those that have taken place in real classrooms. Being able to interact with real teachers and students has been a unique and highly rewarding experience.

Teach me something! My experiences in the School of Education have been very community-oriented. If you have aspirations to become a teacher and choose U of M's TE program, be prepared to work hard and remember that good teachers are not born, they are made. GO BLUE!!


Baird’s program of study:
Elementary Teacher Education