Rachel Aulisa

Bachelor of Arts with Secondary Teacher Certification

Rachel  Aulisa, School of Education

Field of Study: Undergraduate with Teacher Certification - Secondary Education in Integrated Science

Year in Program: Junior (year 1)

Geographic Region: Saline, MI

Undergraduate: Saline High School

Prior to UM: I danced in high school and am now a dance teacher, I am working for America Reads, I volunteer at my church weekly and did this in high school also. 

The best part of SOE so far: The amazing staff and the community I have gotten to work with.

After graduation: I am debating on either teaching for a few years or going to graduate school to specialize in working in an urban setting. I would eventually love to go into education reform, but I would like to teach in an urban setting before I do this. 

Teach me something! Michigan is an amazing place with so many different groups and opportunities. The SOE in itself has so many interesting and amazing clubs to be involved in for any type of interest from tutoring to education reform. I love just spending my time studying or hanging out in the SOE because it is such a fun-filled, interesting place where you will meet so many incredible educators.  

Aulisa’s program of study:
Secondary Teacher Education