Asha Canady

MA in Educational Studies: Educational Policy and Leadership with K-12 Building-Level Administrator Certification (LPAC)

Asha  Canady, School of Education

Student status: Alum, graduated 2016

Geographic region of origin:

The year prior to graduate school, I completed a Fulbright grant in Athens, Greece. I am originally from the great state of California, where I grew up and eventually taught high school English.

Previous education: Occidental College, BA American Studies

Prior to joining the program:

Most recently, I was on a Fulbright Grant in Athens, Greece, where I supported the English Department at a middle school. Prior to that, I I taught high school English at my alma mater as a Teach for America corps member in my hometown of Sacramento, CA.

Why the Educational Leadership & Policy Program? 

I selected Michigan because of the variety of experiences I knew I would have access to here. I was ultimately interested in having an opportunity to intern in a school. I wanted to be grounded in theory to come away with practical skills in policy and school leadership. I wanted a lot and I cast my net far and wide; Michigan was the only program that was able to offer me a lot of those things.

I am pretty confident that I want to pursue an EdD later in my career, so I wanted to make sure that I was prepared to go back into teaching, but also to take on other leadership roles.

Highlights of the Michigan Experience

Being at a school site is important to me, so I really enjoyed my internship experience. I was at a unique high school, and I didn't know what to expect, but the internship class that accompanies the internship really gave me an opportunity to digest what I'm seeing and thinking.

I also really enjoyed the convenience of living on campus. I lived in the Munger Graduate Residences, which has been a wonderful opportunity meet people and build community.

Asha invites prospective students to contact her about the program and student life, diversity within the program, being from more temperate climates and adjusting to Michigan, working on campus, living on campus and general questions. 

Canady’s program of study:
Educational Leadership and Policy