Rachel Antoun

Master of Arts in Higher Education, Student Access and Success, '13

Rachel  Antoun, School of Education

Field of Study: MA Higher Education - Student Access and Success 

Year in Program: graduated 2013 

Where do you HAIL from? Taipei, Taiwan > Washington D.C. > Ann Arbor, MI 

Prior degree(s): James Madison University 

Before coming to UM: Prior to joining the higher education program, I was already working as a program coordinator at the University of Michigan. 

Why your program? I chose student access and success because I am committed to helping students achieve to the best of their capacity. I believe that this is a pertinent yet timeless concentration because at the heart of it all students are what matter at an institution of higher learning. 

The best part of SOE so far: The faculty and GSI's have been a truly wonderful resource.The intelligent, fun, and dynamic people that I have met are definitely one of the best parts of my experience at the SOE. 

After graduation: I am now working in the Electrical Engineering Department at UM as the graduate program coordinator. This role puts me in direct contact with graduate students and I have the opportunity to work with them through every step of the graduate school process/experience. 

Teach me something! Try go to go as many restaurants as you can! As a foodie, I am very pleased with the fine dining choices in the area. 

Antoun’s program of study:
Higher Education