Chandra L. Alston

Assistant Professor

Chandra L. Alston, School of Education

Chandra L. Alston's research focuses on the teaching of writing in secondary schools and improving teacher training around writing. As a former high school English teacher, her research centers around schools and classrooms focusing on ways to improve teaching and learning. Her most recent work investigates the practices of teachers with higher value-added measures of student achievement and their impact on writing development and academic affiliation among struggling writers in predominantly minority school settings. Her other interests include adolescent literacy, teacher education, and teacher practices that cultivate student persistence and engagement. She received her PhD in curriculum and teacher education from Stanford University.

Alston teaches courses in the following program(s):
Joint Program in English and Education
Secondary Teacher Education
Literacy, Language, and Culture
Teaching and Teacher Education


Selected Publications

Alston, C.L. (in press). Higher Value-Added Instruction and Writing Development with African-American Middle School Students. Submitted to Research in the Teaching of English.


Courses & Syllabi

Term Catalogue Course Description Syllabus
Fall 2011 EDUC 898. Professional Development Seminar EDUC 898. Test

Fall 2011 EDUC 440. Teaching of English EDUC 440. The Teaching of English

Fall 2014 EDUC 440. Teaching of English EDUC 440.

Winter 2014 EDUC 525. Language and Learning in Home and School Settings EDUC 525. Language and Learning in Home and School Settings

Winter 2014 EDUC 118. Introduction to Education: Schooling and Multicultural Society EDUC 118. Schooling in a Multicultural Society


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