C. Addison Stone

Professor Emeritus

C.  Addison Stone, School of Education

C. Addison Stone is an applied developmental psychologist whose research interests include language and learning disabilities, and the social context of typical and atypical development. His current research is focused on factors influencing variations in parental structuring of their child’s homework activity, including parental perceptions of their child’s needs and parents’ attributions for their child’s successes and failures. He is also engaged in analyses of the reading progress of at-risk children in Reading First classrooms. He teaches courses on atypical cognitive and social development, and on the theoretical foundations of literacy research and practice. In addition, he teaches an advanced seminar on the legacy of Vygotsky in educational theory and research as well as a professional development seminar for first-year doctoral students. Stone received his PhD from the University of Chicago.

Literacy, Language, and Culture
Secondary Teacher Education (Secondary MAC)


Selected Publications


May, A., & Stone, C.A. (in press). Stereotypes of individuals with learning disabilities: Views of college students with and without learning disabilities. Journal of Learning Disabilities.

Katz, L. A., Stone, C. A., Carlisle, J. F., Corey, D., & Zeng, J. (2008). Initial progress of children identified with disabilities in Michigan’s Reading First schools. Exceptional Children, 74, 235-256.

Stone, C.A. (2007). Preparing the PhD in Speech-Language Science for Interdisciplinary Work in the Literacy Arena: A Developmental Psychologist’s Perspective. ASHA Leader,  12(5), 7, 18.

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Stone, C. A. (2004). The Role of Social Support and Congruency of Perspectives in Moderating Threats to Self-Concept in High-Functioning Adolescents with Learning Disabilities: A Preliminary Report. Thalamus, 22(1), 40-50.

Stone, C A (2002). Engaging students with learning disabilities in instructional discourse: A commentary on the REACH papers. Learning Disabilities Research & Practice, 17, 201-203.

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Stone, C. A., & Doane, J. A. (2001). The potential for empirically based estimates of expected progress for students with learning disabilities: Legal and conceptual issues. School Psychology Review, 30, 476-489.



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