Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Web Grades Coming for Fall 2005 Semester

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6/21/05 - The Provost's Office, Office of the Registrar, and Michigan Administrative Information Services (MAIS) have chosen to implement Web Grades for the University of Michigan to improve the grade entry process. Your support is critical for a successful rollout of Web Grades.

Effective Fall 2005, Web Grades will be used by the entire campus. The Web Grades process will replace the paper grade rosters that are submitted for entry to the Registrar’s Office. Instructors will enter grades directly into the system via the internet. Paper grade rosters will no longer be produced and distributed across campus. The Web Grades process has been successfully tested by a pilot group of departments beginning Fall 2004. Pilot participants included faculty and staff from Ross School of Business, College of Engineering, College of LS&A, School of Nursing and the School of Social Work.

Web Grades benefits instructors, students, and staff by:

* Increasing the convenience for instructors because grades can be entered from anywhere using the internet.
* Allowing for faster grade posting to student records because fewer steps are required for grade entry.
* Improving the accuracy and efficiency of grade entry since grades are entered into the system by the instructor.

The success of Web Grades hinges on instructors inputting the vast majority of the grades themselves. However, a proxy function is available that allows an instructor to assign the responsibility for entering grades to a non-instructor (e.g. departmental support staff). We would like you to convey to your faculty their responsibility to enter grades. Those pilot departments which received backing for faculty grade entry from their school or college's dean found this support helpful.

Instructors and staff new to Web Grades for Fall 2005 will receive detailed instructions about their roles/responsibilities in the coming months. If your staff or faculty would like a preview of Web Grades, or more information, please refer them to the Web Grades web site. They can review the project overview, job aids, frequently asked questions, and flyers. Information can be found at:


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