Friday, January 24, 2014

Tom Drake, Xavier Monroe team up to assist Ann Arbor Schools

Tags: community engagement, educational leadership and policy

Associate Director for Educational Leadership and Policy Tom Drake and graduate student Xavier Monroe played key roles in designing templates and reviewing collected data for a comprehesive review of Ann Arbor Public Schools. Ann Arbor Public Schools Superintendent Jeanice Swift conducted a "Listen and Learn" tour of every school in the district to get input into the public's perception of Ann Arbor Schools. At each of those meetings staff, parents, community members, and students discussed how they felt about the school system and what they valued looking to the future. Data from those meetings was collected into templates Drake created, and then investigated by Monroe to decipher overarching themes that were seen across all the schools. The data was then used to develop an action plan for Ann Arbor Schools.

Read more in an M-Live article here.

Thomas M. Drake is Manager of Academic Program Development, Department of Educational Studies

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