Friday, March 26, 2010

Timothy Boerst selected to serve on Early Childhood Generalist Standards Committee

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The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) selected Timothy Boerst to serve as a member of the Early Childhood Generalist Standards Committee.  Boerst is one of 15 educators chosen from a nationwide search.  The committee is comprised of educators who demonstrate expertise in content knowledge and in the practice of teaching and those who are leaders in the field of early childhood education. The committee is charged with revising the standards used to certify accomplished teaching.

The NBPTS says that Boerst's contribution to the committee as a practitioner who has earned National Board Certification is vital to the project:  "Leaders of several national organizations requested that we seek representation for the growing focus on mathematics education as we establish the  Early Childhood Standards Committee.  Timothy will serve as the expert in this area as the committee works to update the document so that it reflects accomplished teaching," Timothy Boerst is a clinical associate professor.

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