Monday, May 18, 2015

Third Century Initiative grants awarded to projects involving SOE faculty

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In the second round of grants from the Transforming Learning for a Third Century program of U-M’s Third Century Initiative, several projects involving SOE faculty members have received funding.

One project, “Gameful Assessment in Michigan Education (GAME): Building a Community of Engaged Learners and Teachers Supported by GradeCraft,” is led by a team that includes Barry J. Fishman and Liz Kolb. The project aims to grow and scale a learning community at U-M around “gameful” learning and teaching, supported by a learning management system called GradeCraft. (Read more about GradeCraft here.) Also involved in the project are Stephen L. DesJardins and the Center for Education Design, Evaluation, and Research (CEDER).

Another project, “Reimagining Legal Education: Early Experimental Learning and Community Engagement in Legal Education,” is led by a team that includes DesJardins and also involves CEDER. The project developed curriculum changes for about 320 first-year law students to give them hands-on experience practicing law while providing more than 15,000 hours of free legal services each year to the poor in Washtenaw County and beyond.

A third project, "Changing the Way We Teach the Ancient World", includes Chris Quintana on the project team. This initiative will enrich the student experience in learning about the ancient world by developing classroom experiences for students in different global locations. These experiences will use tools from the Zydeco project (read more about Zydeco here), the Kelsey Museum Experience (hands-on and app-based engagement and research with archeological artifacts), and an interactive image database, video clips, and online learning conferences.

For more on the Third Century Initiative, see the website.

Barry J. Fishman is Professor, School of Information; Professor, School of Education

Liz Kolb is Clinical Associate Professor

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