Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Tara J. Yosso quoted in Chronicle story on teaching in higher ed

Tags: diversity and social justice, expertise, teacher effectiveness, yosso

In a story posted on The Chronicle of Higher Education website, “The Unwritten Rules of College,” Tara J. Yosso is quoted about The Transparency in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education effort underway at University of Nevada, Las Vegas, which aims to foster students’ critical navigational skills. The project, she remarks, contributes to efforts to cultivate the navigational capital of historically underrepresented students, expanding on their ability to maneuver through institutions not created with Communities of Color in mind. She notes the welcome approach to shifting some of the responsibility of student success back onto the institution and in this case faculty, who can make their expectations that may not be readily apparent on the syllabus, for example, more transparent. She explains that this project recognizes students come to campus with aspirations and knowledge that faculty members often fail to appreciate and, “Understanding the rules of the game is one of the most difficult parts” of excelling in their academic pursuits. The UNLV effort, she adds, “really tapped into making transparent more of that hidden curriculum.” Read the story here.

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