Monday, June 20, 2016

Study by Matt Ronfeldt and Shanyce Campbell cited in Ed Prep Matters series

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A new study by Matthew Ronfeldt and Shanyce Campbell about using teacher observation data to evaluate teacher education programs was recently highlighted in AACTE's Ed Prep Matters series. The study finds that there are significant and meaningful differences between educator preparation providers (EPPs) in terms of their graduates' performance on observational evaluations. It suggests that observational ratings of beginning teachers can provide useful information for assessing EPPs, as a complement or alternative to relying solely on “value-added” modeling (VAM). The findings appeared in the journal Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis.

“The demands for teacher preparation accountability continue to grow, from the proposed federal regulations to new accreditation standards,” according to Ronfeldt. “Although VAM makes an important contribution to our understanding of program outcomes, we likely need multiple measures to capture something as complex as preparation quality. We are excited to find that teacher observational ratings could be a viable supplement.”

Read the full article here.

Matthew Ronfeldt is Associate Professor

Shanyce Campbell is Postdoctoral Fellow

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