Thursday, August 21, 2014

Stuart Karabenick quoted in article about how students ask for help

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       Stuart Karabenick was recently quoted in an Education Week article about how students learn to ask for help. Research has shown that some students ask for help before they even start thinking about a problem, while others avoid seeking help even after struggling fruitlessly on their own. Whether a student is managing academic help appropriately can depend on the subject, the classroom context, and the student's own personality. "The term 'help-seeking' suggests a deficit, but we need students to think of this as managing resources to solve a problem," Karabenick said. "You are always in the process of learning, and therefore you never know as much as you should. One has to learn the skills to acquire the knowledge you need."
       Read the entire article here.

Stuart Karabenick is Research Professor

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