Sunday, January 22, 2017

Stephanie Hensel Joins SOE Research Office Team

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As part of an effort to expand support for research activity in the School of Education, the SOE research Office has named Stephanie Hensel as Research Development Manager. Stephanie will serve in this role initially on a part-time basis in 2017, as she also completes her responsibilities as Research Area Manager for Dr. Holly K. Craig’s Michigan Project on Oral-Language, Writing, and Reading (M-POWR) project, in which they are studying the outcomes of an innovative language curriculum developed for teachers of young students.

As Research Development Manager in the School of Education Research Office, Stephanie will engage in an array of activities aimed at increasing the competitiveness of proposals for extramural funding, with particular attention to large-scale, trans-disciplinary opportunities, and on efforts to raise awareness of the importance and impact of current research undertaken in the school.

Stephanie is a double-graduate of the University of Michigan, with a BA in both Linguistics and Communication Studies in LS&A, and an MA in Literacy, Language, and Culture in the School of Education. Stephanie has more than 15 years of research experience working on a series of projects. Her experience includes writing proposals for external funding; creating and maintaining budgets for sponsored projects; collecting and analyzing data; managing students and other research staff; and interacting with school administrators, teachers, and parents about research expectations and outcomes. She has published numerous conference papers and journal articles with Dr. Craig based on this work.

Stephanie Lynn Hensel is Research Development Manager

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