Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nancy Songer's BioKIDS project releases iOS app for use with 4th-8th grade science curriculum

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BioKIDS, a project developed by a team including Nancy Songer, addresses both inquiry and life science content standards through exploration of local biodiversity, collection of animal species, and the investigation of individual animals and how animals interact with one another.  In the BioKIDS curriculum, students use animal-tracking programs to log animal sightings in their schoolyard. Students then analyze the data for class and team experiments. Another feature of the curriculum is the Critter Catalog, an online animal species database.

On April 6, 2012, the team announced the availability of their BioKIDS app on Apple's App Store.

The BioKIDS application for iOS devices enables students to record and organize observations in schoolyards or other settings. The app was inspired by CyberTracker, which was developed in South Africa as a conservation tool for native trackers. The BioKIDS customized sequence allows students to display collection data as both icons and text, making it ideal for elementary age students. This data collection is a core component of the BioKIDS science curriculum.

Nancy Songer is a professor in the School of Education.

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