Friday, January 22, 2010

SOE's teacher-preparation innovations featured in a trio of articles

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The pioneering teacher preparation strategies used and studied at the School of Education through our Teacher Education Initiative are the subjects of a trio of articles:

In an article in the January 22, 2010, Michigan Daily, Deborah Ball discusses the overhaul of current teaching methodology that has been underway, changing the ways that we prepare students for teaching. Elizabeth Moje and Robert Bain discuss a new system they've developed through which students observe specific teachers who excel at certain aspects of teaching.

An article published in the Michigan Review on January 22, 2010, focuses on the W.K. Kellogg Foundation's Woodrow Wilson Michigan Teaching Fellowship, announced on January 6, 2010.

“It [the grant] is more about preparing people who are very, very effective mathematics and science teachers for high schools,” said Deborah Ball. “We have a big problem in this country with lots of kids not getting the kind of mathematics and science education that they need. It’s a bigger issue than the Woodrow Wilson program; it just helps us to do something we are already doing, which is to substantially improve how teachers are prepared to teach to a wide range of people.”

An editorial published in the January 28, 2010, Michigan Daily commends the school's efforts to improve teacher preparation through the Teacher Education Initiative, but cautions that we remain mindful of the balance between fieldwork and theoretical training. Deborah Loewenberg Ball is dean of the School of Education; William H. Payne Collegiate Professor; and Arthur F. Thurnau Professor. Robert Bain is an associate professor of education. Elizabeth Birr Moje is a professor of education and Arthur F. Thurnau Professor.

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