Friday, May 10, 2013

SOE students make an impact through partnerships with local schools

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Thanks to the work of two outstanding programs, the deep commitment of faculty, and the creative engagement of education students, k-12 students in southeast Michigan are discovering new ways to thrive. The Bright Futures program at Eastern Michigan University partners with other programs, such as UM’s Poetry Guild, to offer exceptional after-school experiences for students. Our School of Education students are making a difference through their participation in these programs.

MAC student Katie Johnson leads an after-school poetry club at John Glenn High School. Katie began leading the high school’s poetry club in September through the International Poetry Guild here at Michigan. Students in the club can “publish” their poems online and receive feedback from undergraduate University of Michigan Students who serve as mentors.

Katie reflects with gratitude and satisfaction on her experience as a club leader, and encourages other students to get involved:

“I became interested in the club because I really like poetry and think it's a great outlet for students. Writing is an excellent medium for expression and my students in the club write a variety of poetry. I also enjoy doing the club because I learn just as much from the students. I've done the club all year and it's been a great experience. I also think Bright Futures is a wonderful program that allows students to explore many interests. It's a really positive, fun, and up-beat environment and I would recommend others to get involved.”

There are numerous opportunities for School of Education students to get involved in the Bright Futures program and the International Poetry Guild. Partnership programs with schools allow education students to develop their teaching and leadership skills, make a difference in the lives of local k-12 students, and gain valuable experience as mentors. To participate in the Poetry Guild, contact professor Jeff Stanzler. For more information about opportunities with Bright Futures, visit the program’s website (

The entire School of Education community is invited to the Bright Futures showcase on May 31 at John Glenn High School.  All of the clubs will show what they have accomplished this semester. The event will feature presentations, readings, and performances.

Jeff Stanzler is Lecturer

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