Monday, November 11, 2013

SOE grad students conduct symposium at international education conference

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Four SOE graduate students recently conducted a symposium at an international education conference in Japan titled Educational Reform Movements and Their Impact on Leadership: A Comparative Analysis of Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Vietnam.

The students who participated are Tonya Kneff; Minh Huynh; Jisu Ryu; and, Phuay-Boon Tan.

Building on course work they did with David Cohen and independent study work under the supervision of Don Peurach, the students put together a panel discussion examining key issues at the center of international education policy debates, including current reform movements in four Asian nations: Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Viet Nam. The study provided significant insights into the conceptions, culture, and focuses of education reform, and yielded important implications for instructional leadership in broad, national, systemic, and contemporary contexts.

Donald J. Peurach is Associate Professor

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