Wednesday, June 29, 2016

School of education faculty co-authors of six chapters in AERA’s Handbook of Research on Teaching

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Six chapters in AERA’s newly released Handbook of Research on Teaching were coauthored by SOE faculty members. Nell Duke, Barry Fishman, Patricio Herbst, Diane Larsen-Freeman, Pamela Moss, and Brian Rowan all contributed to chapters in the handbook.

"This fifth Handbook of Research on Teaching represents a compilation of the significant progress made in the field of education research over the last 15 years,” said Deborah Loewenberg Ball. “To have so many of our faculty members as authors of chapters in this new edition is a clear sign of the important leadership and contributions to research by our faculty.”

The chapters and their authors:

Teaching Literacy: Reading, Victoria Purcell-Gates, Nell Duke, and Joseph Stouffer; Teaching and Technology: New Tools for New Times, Barry Fishman and Chris Dede; Research on the Teaching of Mathematics: A Call to Theorize the Role of Society and Schooling in Mathematics Instruction, Daniel Chazan, Patricio G. Herbst, and Lawrence M. Clark; Teaching World Languages: Thinking Differently, Diane Larsen-Freeman and Diane J. Tedick; Engaging Methodological Pluralism, Pamela A. Moss and Edward H. Haertel; and Teacher Evaluation in American Schools, Brian Rowan and Stephen W. Raudenbush.

Nell K. Duke is Professor

Barry J. Fishman is Professor, School of Information; Professor, School of Education

Patricio Herbst is Professor; Professor, Department of Mathematics, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

Diane Larsen-Freeman is Professor Emerita, School of Education; Professor Emerita, Department of Linguistics, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts; Research Scientist Emerita, English Language Institute

Pamela Moss is Professor

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