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Secondary MAC interns share experiences in poster session

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There are a lot of different ways to teach in the classroom, and several Secondary Teacher Education (MAC) interns showed their methods in a poster session on March 27 in the Brandon Center.

The focus of the session was differentiated instruction – assessing the different needs and capabilities of students, and tailoring instruction to those students to optimize their academic performance.

Secondary MAC interns gave presentations on how they used differentiated instruction in their classroom teaching, and during the sessions they collected feedback from fellow students and faculty. The session topics ranged from “The Ottoman Empire in an Hour” lesson taught to ninth-grade world history students, to “Differentiation dans ma classe de francais” for ninth- to twelfth-grade French class students.

Each poster session featured a multimedia presentation by the intern on how they gauged the readiness and needs of their students, and how they used those assessments to structure their class or lesson to effectively build the process of learning.

For example, after determining his students’ varying abilities in working with quadratic equations in algebra, Jonathan Song developed test materials with three different levels of detail in asking for problem solutions. He also engaged his students by showing a YouTube video of basketball and Frisbee trick-shooters as an application of quadratic equations.

Catherine Longshore differentiated her instruction on writing within a course on women’s literature, by asking students to each select three quotes to support their position within an analytic essay they were asked to write.

The poster session was coordinated by professors Deanna Birdyshaw and Shari Saunders.

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Shari Saunders is Clinical Professor; Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education and Educator Preparation

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