Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Matthew Ronfeldt's research cited in articles about teacher dropout rates and student teaching

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University of Michigan School of Education Assistant Professor Matthew Ronfeldt was recently quoted in two Bridge Magazine articles about new teacher dropout rates and varying student teaching requirements. In the first article, Ronfeldt's research describing how teacher turnover hinders student learning was used as a source for the article. "There's fairly substantial empirical evidence that you need to get teachers past those first five years for them to be as effective as they can be," Ronfeldt said. "They leave before they get their feet under them. My sense is that teaching is less a lifetime career choice than it used to be."

Dean Deborah Ball was also quoted in the article: "We designed it to be easy entry, easy exit. Churn is a big problem because we have so many inexperienced teachers leading classrooms."

The second article cites a study Ronfeldt co-authored that found that teachers who student-taught for longer periods felt better prepared and were more likely to stay in the profession. Dean Ball was also quoted in this article.



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