Monday, March 19, 2012

Matthew Ronfeldt's research shows positive effects of placing student teachers in better-functioning schools

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Matthew Ronfeldt has published his research, titled "Where Should Student Teachers Learn to Teach? Effects of Field Placement School Characteristics on Teacher Retention and Effectiveness" in the March 2012 issue of Education Evaluation and Policy Analysis.

Matt was interested in the effects field placement locations had on later teacher retention and student achievement; he was particularly interested in any differences that might be found between teachers who did their student teaching in difficult-to-staff schools and with underserved student populations and those who had field placements at easier-to-staff schools. He looked at nearly 3,000 New York City teachers, their students, and their schools, and he found that learning to teach in an easier-to-staff school had positive effects on teacher retention and student achievement gains—even for those who ended up working in hard-to-staff schools.

He also found that student teaching with student populations who were poor, minority, or low-achieving was not related to later teacher effectiveness and retention.

Matt's research was the topic of the March 16, 2012, Inside School Research Education Week blog.

Matthew Ronfeldt is an assistant professor.

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