Monday, March 31, 2014

Research by Peter Bahr cited in web article

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In a story on The Hechinger Report, a website on education news, research by Associate Professor Peter Riley Bahr was mentioned to support the story’s contention that more and more students are taking college courses not to get degrees, but simply to learn marketable skills.

Bahr has studied community college students’ course-taking behavior, by following students in the California Community College system for up to eight years. His research revealed that, “nearly one-third of students took an average of just two courses over about two years and overwhelmingly succeeded in these courses, but rarely attained a degree, certificate, or transferred to a four-year college.” However, Bahr’s findings also indicated that many of these “skill builders” – a term Bahr coined – achieved significant earnings increases.

The story in The Hechinger Report noted that skill builders in California concentrated their studies in construction, real estate, computers, law enforcement, and early childhood education. To read the story, click here.

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