Monday, June 01, 2015

Research by Matthew Ronfeldt, Susanna Owens Farmer and Kiel McQueen cited on Shanker Institute website

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In a post on the website of the Albert Shanker Institute, research by Matthew Ronfeldt and doctoral students Susanna Owens Farmer and Kiel McQueen (with Jason A. Grissom of Vanderbilt University) was cited to support the contention that teachers stay and improve in schools that provide a supportive environment. The research by Ronfeldt, Farmer, McQueen and Grissom examined data on more than 9,000 teachers in 336 Miami-Dade County (Florida) public schools over two years to investigate the kinds of collaborations that exist in instructional teams across the district and whether the collaborations predict student achievement. Read the Albert Shanker Institute post here, and the research paper here. The post is also reprinted in The Washington Post.

Matthew Ronfeldt is Associate Professor

Kiel McQueen is Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies, Teaching and Teacher Education

Susanna Owens is Graduate Student Instructor

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