Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Registration available for all seminars in the Inside Teaching: A powerful force for equity series

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The 2016-17 seminar series hosted by TeachingWorks focuses on the intersection of teaching practice and equity. In order to educate all children of the next generation, not just those of privilege, there is a moral imperative to ensure that every adult who teaches is prepared for this responsibility. This professional work cannot be left to chance, or to individual prerogative. New teachers have earnest commitments to doing right by all students; they understand the power of good teaching, but often they don’t know how to work skillfully. That is the starting point and the heart of this year’s seminar series: getting “inside” of instruction together to better prepare every one of our teachers to teach skillfully with all students.

You may view all of the upcoming speakers here and register as an online or in-person participant.

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