Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Peter Riley Bahr quoted in Michigan Daily story

Tags: bahr, community college, economics of education, expertise

In a story in The Michigan Daily, “Obama pushes for student tax credit changes,” Peter Riley Bahr was quoted on the need to be cognizant of the many ways in which students use community college to realize their educational goal and the consequent importance of constructing funding policies that accommodate non-traditional patterns of attendance, such as attending part-time or taking courses without the intention of completing a postsecondary credential. In addition, Bahr noted that college students incur many costs, not just tuition. “We have to remember that making a college less expensive is a good thing but it’s not a complete solution to the financial barriers that students face,” he said. Bahr also praised President Obama for drawing "attention to the value and significance of community colleges in our society today." Read the story here.

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