Monday, July 11, 2016

New working paper added to the TeachingWorks repository

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TeachingWorks has added a new working paper to its repository: “Conceptualizing Third Spaces in University Sponsored Alternate Route Teacher Education Programs: Creating Coherence Across Disparate Partnering Organizations,” by Kendra Hearn and Kiel McQueen. The paper’s abstract reads:

This paper highlights the challenges that arise when three organizations—a university, schools, and an affiliate organization—each with different visions, practices, and personnel—partner to provide teacher education and support to beginning teachers on an alternate path to the profession. Drawing on survey and interview data, as well as programmatic tools from an existing partnership between a large mid-west university’s school of education and an affiliate alternate route organization, the paper underscores the sometimes conflicting messages beginning teachers must decipher from the university teacher education program, the partnering organization, and the school in which they are working. The paper uses hybridity theory as a basis for leveraging ‘third space’ theory as a way to conceive how to create coherence. It also suggests strategies that the partners can employ to build a third space that increases beginning teachers’ understanding of performance expectations and ability to execute them.

You can download and read the paper here.

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