Monday, August 08, 2016

New working paper added to TeachingWorks repository

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TeachingWorks has added a new working paper to its repository: “Moving Toward Coherence: The Danger of Dichotomies and Nurturing Nuance in Teacher Education” by Chandra Alston. 

This working paper is an attempt to articulate and refine the concept of nurturing nuance as a process of coherence in teacher education. Often program coherence in teacher education has been approached as a process of regimentation. This paper argues for an approach to coherence that requires teachers and teacher educators to leverage the diversity inherent in children, families, and teaching and learning in order to meet the needs of all children. Historically, schools have not been spaces that support diversity in children. This paper argues that to correct that inequity, teachers must be supported in cohering their practices around the specific children in their classrooms – they must see the need for and then practice nurturing nuance in their planning and enactment of instruction. This paper shares examples from a cross-institutional collaboration and one teacher educator’s methods course to demonstrate the concept of nurturing nuance and its benefits.

You can download and read the paper here.

Chandra L. Alston is Assistant Professor

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