Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Nell Duke’s project-based learning research on Edutopia Blog


Two blog posts were released on Edutopia by Professor Nell K. Duke and Professor Anne-Lise Halvorsen (Michigan State University) regarding research on project-based learning (PBL). 

U-M and MSU researchers addressed the question does project-based learning raise student achievement? Project PLACE: A Project Approach to Literacy and Civic Engagement found that PBL can raise student achievement in social studies and informational reading in high-poverty communities. In the article, “New Study Shows the Impact of Project Based Learning on Student Achievement,” Duke and Halvorsen describe the design of their recent study funded by Spencer Foundation and Lucas Education Research of the George Lucas Educational Foundation.

In the article, “Projects That Have Been Put to the Test,” Duke and Halvorsen describe the key features of four project-based learning units for second grade that focus on social studies and informational reading and writing. Through these units, the researchers aimed to engage children in learning that was meaningful to them, was challenging, and had connections to their lives beyond school. The units aligned with Michigan second-grade standards in social studies and many Michigan second-grade standards (which are the Common Core State Standards) for informational reading and informational writing. To access the four units and other resources for implementation, please see the Project PLACE units.

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